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When you need furnace repair, heat pump repair, heating system repairs or more, we are THE professional, certified heating repair company in Hebron. Regardless of whether a furnace burns oil, gas, or is electric, it will age and wear. At some point in its lifetime, a furnace will require furnace repair or replacement. Even if you don’t use your furnace for many months out of the year, even a mild winter can be dangerous if temperatures drop below the 40s. Furnaces need to be in proper working condition in order to keep homeowners safe.

Our heating technicians are skilled and knowledgeable with furnace repair and installation. Whether your furnace needs a minor fix, is old and needs replacement, or requires regular maintenance, EcoEdge Systems has the solution for you. We want to be your Hebron heating company for all your HVAC needs. Give us a call today and find out why our customers call us the best heater repair company in Indiana!

If Your Heat Pump Or Furnace Needs Servicing – Call EcoEdge Systems First

Years of providing service and repair for furnaces and heat pumps in cold Northern Indiana winters have taught us a thing or two. When your furnace is not heating your home, it needs repaired as soon as possible and done reliably. EcoEdge Systems can keep your furnace running with regular maintenance or when worse comes to worse, can provide expert repair services for all makes and models of heat pumps and furnace units.

Our Furnace Repair Services:

  • Heating System Diagnostic & Maintenance 
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Thermostats
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Zone Controls
  • Heat Pumps (Service, Repair, Replace)

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Common Heating Symptoms That Require Service

EcoEdge SystemsIf Your Heat Pump Or Furnace Needs Fixing – Call EcoEdge Systems First

When you are going through the furnace start-up checklist and notice warning signs of a furnace on the fritz, be sure to call EcoEdge Systems as soon as possible. Getting us out early could help you avoid costly furnace replacements or larger repairs. Call us if:

  • You are having issues with airflow and your furnace or heat pump is not blowing warm air or not blowing at all.
  • The furnace is not kicking on or you are having a pilot light issue.
  • Your unit is making loud noises.
  • Your system is not maintaining heat throughout your home.

Not sure if you need service? Check out our answers to common heating issues.

Our Proven Repair Process

We Have The Experience To Get To The Bottom Of Your Heating Issues

A furnace or heat pump that isn’t performing at its optimum levels could have a wide range of issues. We work through a proven process to evaluate your system and give you an honest assessment of the necessary repairs needed. Our Process:

  • We perform a through evaluation of your system to determine the root cause of the heating issues
  • We document the necessary repairs
  • We discuss all repairs with you so you are fully aware of the work to be performed
  • We complete all repairs and verify it’s accuracy

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Well-functioning heating and A/C systems are imperative to your comfort, both in the office and at home. At EcoEdge Systems LLC we pride ourselves on our ability to keep those systems up and running. Our trustworthy technicians guarantee your satisfaction 100% of the time. We understand that this equipment is an investment for you, and we always ensure you’re getting the most for your money. For trustworthy HVAC service and installation, consider us your go-to.